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Silicone & Foot Care

Silicone & Foot Care


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Arch Support (Pair)

Code: K 15
Sizes Available: S, M, L, CH
Arch Support is designed to stretch the plantar fascia ligament & maintain the foot arches. It is designed to provide relief from arch pains, distribute the pressure on the foot evenly and naturally. It gets placed inside the shoe for effective results.

Medial Arch Orthosis (Pair)

Code: K 10
Sizes Available: S, M
Medial Arch insole is designed to support & maintain the arch of the foot. It is designed to distribute the pressure on the foot evenly and naturally. Placed inside the shoe for effective results.

Metatarsal Pad Silicone (Pair)

Code: K 08
Sizes Available: Universal
Metatarsal Pad Silicone (Pair) is designed to prevent metatarsal pain, corns, hard skin, Morton’s neuroma, forefoot soreness and painful ball of the foot. Absorbs shock, reduces the adverse effects of pressure and weight bearing, alleviates painful rubbing and friction on walking.

Heel Cushion Silicone (Pair)

Code: K 02
Sizes Available: M, L
Heel Cushion Silicone (Pair) is designed to provide soft cushioning to the foot heel. Gel spot at the site of calcaneus reduces/distributes pressure and relieves pain.

Insole Full Silicon Pair

Code: K 01
Sizes Available: M, L
Insole full Silicone is designed for superior comfort, with soft relief zones. It reduces the painful shock waves and load to feet, knees and the spine. Anatomically designed for better comfort and fitting. It provides even pressure distribution throughout the foot.